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We are the association of Reserve Officers. We assist Natural Resource Police Officers in the preservation and protection of Maryland's Natural Resources. We are a charitable, non-profit association that consists of a diverse group of individuals providing a public service that sustains, preserves, protects, and conserves, our natural resources.

Further, we assist the NRP as they serve as the primary search and rescue agency on the waters and in the rural areas of the State, work to keep the peace, assist in the prevention of crime, and perform miscellaneous service functions as requested by the citizenry.

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Reserve Officers are volunteers who have dedicated themselves to inspiring people to enjoy and live in harmony with their environment thereby preserving what makes Maryland unique -- our diverse landscape of natural resources crowned by our treasured Chesapeake Bay.

Reserve Officers perform non-law enforcement duties that would otherwise have been performed by commissioned police officers. This complementary effort enhances the Natural Resources Police ability to preserve and protect Maryland's natural resources.

Are you aware that the Maryland Natural Resource Police Reserve Officer program started 1996? There was even a celebration of ten years of service of the Maryland Natural Resources Police Reserve Officers. Keynote speakers at the event included Eric Schwaab, DNR Deputy Secretary, Lt. Col. Alphonso W. Hawkins, Deputy Superintendent, NRP and Captain Adrian Baker, Commander, Safety & Education for NRP. 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the program's founding.

Interested in becoming a member of the reserve officer association? All reserve officers can apply for Active membership. Anyone else who supports our mission and principles can apply for associate membership. Please complete this application and return it to the treasurer at the address shown on the application.

Each reserve officer is responsible to a Reserve Officer Coordinator (ROC) who is an employee of the Natural Resources Police. The ROCs oversee the program for the Natural Resources Police. The Coordinators are the connection to the command staff and officers in the field.

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